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November 17, 2014


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Please enjoy the first AJUS Newsletter. AJUS was established first and foremost to promote cooperation and networking between the almost 200 institutions of higher education around the world that operate in the Jesuit Catholic tradition. So much great stuff is happening at all of our institutions and yet we know so little about one another. This Newsletter seeks to overcome that gap, or at least contribute to its reduction in size.

But this Newsletter can only succeed if it does indeed contain news about all the exciting developments that are happening in our institutions, the research projects launched, books published, degree programs initiated, conferences hosted, etc.  We kindly ask that you submit items for possible inclusion in the next Newsletter to editor@ajus.org. Short statements with a link to longer on-line documents would be preferred.  However, if more detailed info is not yet available elsewhere on the web, AJUS can also create and host such a more detailed document on the AJUS web-site.

We hope you enjoy this first Newsletter and look forward to your submissions.

Jos Welie
President, AJUS

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The massacre at the UCA

Twenty-five years ago, on October 16, 1989, the president of the Jesuit University of Central America in El Salvador, five other Jesuit faculty members, their house keeper and her teenage daughter were brutally executed by a battalion of the Salvadorian army. This ruthless attack still stands as the most dire consequence of a modern Jesuit university's fight for social justice. Many Jesuit universities commemorate the event this year. For more information on the attack, click here.

Father Nicolás announes his resignation

The Superior General of the Society of Jesus, has announced that he intends to step down in 2016.  Adolfo Nicolás, who has been Superior General of the Jesuits since 2008, recently turned 78 and has informed Pope Francis that he intends to convoke a General Congregation for the latter part of 2016. That will be occasion when his resignation will be formally submitted and his successor will be elected. More here.

India opens first Jesuit University

Although India is home to many Jesuit institutions of higher education, these typically function as part of a larger state institution. But on August 29, 2014, Xavier University, the first private Jesuit university in India, opened last month in the state of Odisha with Jesuits and government officials in attendance. For more details, click here.




  • July 19-21, 2015 / 21th IAJBS Annual World Forum & 18th CJBE Annual Conference / Montevideo, Uruguay            
  • July 9-11, 2015 / International Leadership Congress of Jesuit Colleges and Universities /Melbourne, Australia June 10-14, 2015 / First International Symposium on Jesuit Studies / Cambridge, MA, USA   
  • June 9- 12, 2015 / Jesuit Universities Humanitarian Action Network (JUHAN) 2015 Conference / Cleveland, OH, USA               
  • May 28, 2015 / Heartland-Delta VII (on-line only conference)                               
  • May 7-8, 2015 / Taxation and Trust: Legitimizing Redistributive Tax Policies / Antwerp, Belgium
  • April 23-25, 2015 / World Congress on “Spirituality and Creativity in Management: Challenges for the future” / Barcelona, Spain                   
  • March 18-20, 2015 /Science Shaping the World of Tomorrow: Scientific Imagination and Development of Society / Antwerp, Belgium

For more details about each of these events as well as for events later in 2015, please see the AJUS Events Calendar 




The Fall 2014 issue (Number 46) of Conversations is available on-line. Devoted to the theme “Mission Integration”, it contains the following articles:

Patrick Howell, S.J.: The People’s Pope • Stephanie Russell: Next Steps in Jesuit Higher Education • Barbara Mujica: A Committed Life • David C. McCallum, S.J.: Salt and Leaven • Debra K. Mooney: Board Governance in the Ignatian Tradition • David O’Brien: “Jesuit Sí, Catholic Not So Sure” Revisited • Sherilyn G. F. Smith: Mission Integration in the Natural Sciences • Connie Kanter: Discerning Finances through the Lens of Mission • Janet L. Rumfelt, Franklin Medford, and Elisa Robyn: “Leading Lives That Matter” • Michael Sheeran, S.J.: Making Sacrifices to Enhance Mission, • Karen Peterson-Iyer: Finding God in All Things • Michael F. Tunney, S.J.: Between Image and Audience • Paula Uruburok-Castro, Mark J. Piatkowski: myMAGIS • Josh Armstrong: Gonzaga Students Harvest Gold in Zambia • John Roselle, S.J.: Magis Catholic Teacher Corps • Kathleen Shull Inside-Out • John Kerrigan: Animating the Mission in the First-Year Incentive Program • Elspeth Rossetti and Elizabeth Krishnan Vocation at Work • Linda LeMura: The Jesuit Mission in Higher Education, • Robert J. Parmach: Eloquentia Perfecta: A Way of Proceeding, • William E. Stempsey, S.J.: The Ignatian Adventure: Experiencing the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius in Daily Life • Diana Owen: When the Gospel Grows Feet: Rutilio Grande, SJ, and the Church of El Salvador • Joseph A. Tetlow, S.J. The New Dawn of Pope Francis.


Issue 3.1 of the journal Jesuit Higher Education is available on-line.  You can find the following articles in this issue: • Lora Claywell, Karen Pennington, Charlotte Spade: An Exploration of the Influence of Ignatian Values on Faculty Role Expectations • Eric J. Fretz: Does Saul Alinsky Belong in Jesuit Education? • Vicki Caruana: Using the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm to Frame the Reflective Practice of Special Education Teacher Candidates • Janet Preis, Erin Stauder: Reflective Writing: From Pedagogy to Practice in a Jesuit University • Kimberly R. Connor: Accompanying the Student: the Ignatian Pedagogical Paradigm and Prior Learning • Jacqueline N. Font-Guzmán: Using Ignatian Pedagogy in a Mediation Course • Rick Muller, Karen Pennington Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Ignatian Pedagogy Model for Improved Learning in Master’s Level Finance Classes for Nurses • Suzann Girtz: Ignatian Pedagogy and Its Alignment with the New Teacher Bar Exam (edTPA) and Action Research Frameworks • Suzie Perry: The Scope on the Pope: Three Jesuit Views

Issue 3.2 is slated to appear shortly. Please send submissions for articles to be included in Volume 4 to Dr. Marie Friedemann, General Editor, Regis University.



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