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Catholic Higher Education

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National Catholic Education Association
The National Catholic Educational Association (NCEA) is a voluntary association of educators and institutions. The Association's structure is based on a departmental arrangement whereby member institutions hold Association membership through one of the constitutive departments. The membership departments are: - Boards and Councils - Chief Administrators of Catholic Education - Elementary Schools - Secondary Schools - Religious Education - Seminary

Jesuit Education - Associations


UNIJES - Network of Jesuit University Centers in Spain
The 11 Spanish institutions cooperate to advance the academic and humanistic quality of the educational programs at each institution, promote research on social issues, and contribute to the public discussion on contemporary issues.


AJCU/AUSJAL International Conference
AJCU/AUSJAL International Conference is comprised of study abroad directors and international program officers at AJCU (Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the US) and AUSJAL, (Association of Latin American Jesuit Colleges and Universities) institutions. The group meets several times throughout the year to discuss collaborative activities in the context of international education.

IAJBS - International Association of Jesuit Business Schools
As reflected by the name, the IAJBS is a network of institutions. The mission of the IAJBS is to enhance the ability of business school deans and administrators to lead in the creation and transmission of scholarship and knowledge that will prepare students for the profession and vocation of business leadership in a global economy.

ICJSE - International Colloquium on Jesuit Secondary Education
ICJSE has been established, amongst others, to build upon and strengthen our global network of Jesuit secondary schools; examine common concerns, challenges, and accomplishments that we share on a universal level; and share tools, resources and knowledge that allow us to prepare our students to become global citizens.

International Jesuit Association of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Universities and Schools
The mission of the ISJACHEM is to enhance knowledge among the Departments of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at the Universities and High Technical Schools of the Jesuits, and to increase collaboration in all fields in order to improve our preparation of professionals in the field of chemistry, environmental studies and related subjects.

JSEA - Jesuit Secondary Education Association
JSEA initiates programs and provides services that enable its member schools to sustain their Ignatian vision and Jesuit mission of educational excellence in the formation of young men and women of competence, conscience and compassion.

Jesuit Curia - Secretariat for Education (i.e., secondary education)
The secretariat animates the Jesuit School network throughout the world in its mission of offering a holistic education to the new generations. It aims to help Jesuit institutions be part of our living tradition of academic excellence and service to faith and justice and the new commitment to the environment.

Jesuit Curia - Secretariat for Higher Education
The Higher Education Secretariat promotes the Jesuit identity of Jesuit higher education institutions worldwide; assists in coordinating the activities among regional associations developing a network across regions and cultures; encourages networking among Jesuit universities worldwide to address current global issues on a global level; assists in developing or improving Jesuit colleges/universities in countries in need, and maintains global database for higher education.

Jesuit Nation
Jesuit Nation was created to bring together alumni of Jesuit colleges, universities and secondary education institutions for the sake of networking and sharing ideas.

World Union of Jesuit Alumni/ae
The World Union of Jesuit Alumni (ae) - sometimes known in short as ASIA (Antiqui societatis Jesu Alumni) - was established on 31 July 1956 in Bilbao (Spain) during a congress held on the occasion of the fourth centenary of the death of Saint Ignatius. It seeks to (1) preserve and develop bonds of friendship, communication and solidarity among alumni/ae throughout the world; (2) encourage alumni/ae to co-operate actively with the Society of Jesus in its various missions, particularly in education, spiritual life, community service and social justice; (3) help alumni/ae to stand by the education which they were given, based on Christian humanism and Ignatian spirit, above all so that they play their part, through their personal life and their social action, in the building of a world where persons can fulfil themselves with complete dignity; for this, to encourage them to address their minds to all issues of spiritual and moral life leading to personal and collective commitment; and (4) offer alumni/ae the opportunity of continuing formation to help them to integrate their Ignatian obligations into their personal and professional lives.


Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education
The mission of CJBE is to enhance the distinctiveness of Jesuit schools of business and related programs through an ongoing exchange of ideas regarding curriculum, teaching, research, and service in the Ignatian, Catholic, and Humanistic traditions.

Ignatian Colleagues Program
The Ignatian Colleagues Program is a national program designed to educate and form administrators more deeply in the Jesuit tradition of higher education so they may better articulate, adapt, and advance Ignatian mission on their campuses.

Jesuit Advancement Administrators (JAA)
The Conference of Jesuit Advancement Administrators (JAA) is a professional organization of advancement staff serving Jesuit higher education in the United States and Canada. Advancement professionals engaged in development, alumni relations, public relations and publications, and government relations are among the constituents served by the programs and activities of JAA. The organization operates under the umbrella of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities (AJCU) which has its office in Washington, D.C.

Jesuit Association for Student Personnel Administrators
The Jesuit Association of Student Personnel Administrators (JASPA) is a conference of the Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities (AJCU). JASPA was originally founded in 1954 as the Conference of Jesuit Student Personnel Administrators (CJSPA). In the Fall of 1981, JASPA became the official name of the organization and JASPA continues today, as the original members of CJSPA intended, to work to promote the mission of Jesuit higher education. Members of JASPA represent the 28 Jesuit Colleges and Universities in the United States and also includes affiliate members from other institutions.

Jesuit Collaborative
St. Ignatius Loyola, founder of the Jesuits, suggested many ways to grow in relationship with God, recognizing that each of us would find a way of praying in harmony with where we are on our spiritual journey. The Jesuit collaborative is making Ignatian spirituality, particularly the spiritual exercises, more available to people in new and exciting ways.

Jesuit Universities Humanitarian Action Network (JUHAN)
The Jesuit Universities Humanitarian Action Network (JUHAN) was created to increase the effectiveness of efforts by Jesuit universities to respond to humanitarian crisis in the United States and throughout the world. The principal focus of JUHAN is undergraduate education that seeks to advance undergraduate humanitarian education and the professional field of humanitarian action. JUHAN hopes to expose students to these areas through academic courses, student leadership workshops, and notable plenary speakers in areas of social justice and international human rights.

Society of Jesus - The Jesuit Order


African Jesuit Aids Network (AJAN).
AJAN is a network of Jesuits and their co-workers in sub-Saharan Africa, who are somehow involved in the ministry of AIDS care and HIV prevention. The Jesuits have long been responding to the challenges thrown up by HIV/AIDS in Africa. But it was only in 2002 that the continental Jesuit leadership – the Jesuit Superiors of Africa and Madagascar (JESAM) – identified AIDS as a shared priority and created AJAN to coordinate its struggle against the pandemic. Since then, AJAN has worked hard to support the wide and diverse range of initiatives by Jesuits and their co-workers in AIDS ministry; to develop best practices; and to encourage the development of new programmes.


Jesuit European Social Centre
ESC is a separate apostolic and legal entity within the Conference of European Provincials. Through JESC, the Society of Jesus remains committed to a Europe where human rights, freedom and solidarity are the foundation of integration. Europe, especially the European Union, is currently undergoing the most acute political and economic crisis of its existence. While refusing alarmism, JESC continues, in line with the entire history of OCIPE, to seek a critical but constructive engagement with the EU. Operationally, JESC will be organised in three areas of work: European Affairs, Social Coordination, and Advocacy/Projects.


Global Ignatian Advocacy Network
The Society of Jesus has been, and still is, one of the most widespread grassroots organisations in the world in contact with low-income, disadvantaged and otherwise marginalised people. It also has one of the largest pools of knowledge and research facilities, and is in contact with many people in decision-making positions. The creation of the Ignatian Advocacy Network (IAN) (under the auspices of the Social Justice Secretariat of the Society of Jesus) is an attempt to solve the problem of disconnectedness between these three major assets of the Society.

Curia Generalis Societatis Jesu / Jesuit Curia (Rome)
The Jesuit Curia is the administrative headquarters of the Society of Jesus. The website contains ample information about the structure of the Society and its many ministries around the world.

International Jesuit Networking
In April 2012, encouraged by the call made by the 35th General Congregation to promote international networking, a group of Jesuits and lay partners from all over the world gathered at Boston College to reflect on this matter. The meeting resulted in the establishment of IJN to to promote the reflection on the topic and foster international networking in the Society of Jesus. In addition to its website, IJN is active on Facebook.

JESCOM - Jesuit Communications
A world-wide network of Jesuits engaged in the communications media.

JRS - Jesuit Refugee Service
The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) is an international Catholic organisation with a mission to accompany, serve and advocate on behalf of refugees and other forcibly displaced persons. JRS undertakes services at national and regional levels with the support of an international office in Rome. Founded in November 1980 as a work of the Society of Jesus, JRS was officially registered on 19 March 2000 at the Vatican State as a foundation.


Institute of Jesuit Sources
The Institute of Jesuit Sources specializes in making the spirituality and the history of the Society of Jesus better known. It publishes material by more than fifty authors on the Jesuits, their history, their traditions, their present activities, their future opportunities.

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