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AJUS Board Member Fr. Jos
eph Oduor Afulo discusses plans for the first Jesuit University in Africa

For the latest news on the new East African Jesuit university-in-the-making, visit: www.jesuit-university.com 


 First full-fledged
Jesuit university in
India will open its
doors in 2014


Jesuit Liberal Arts College
planned to open in
Hong Kong


Volume 1, issue 2, of the newly launched Journal for Management for Global Sustainability is now available on-line.

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Jesuit Commons - Higher Education at the Margins Conference , through a generous benefactor, was awarded a capacity building grant so more people who live at the margins can access higher education. Through the grant a curriculum transformation process is beginning. A multinational, multicultural group of academics respected for their expertise in curriculum design has been appointed to the JC:HEM Curriculum Oversight Steering Committee (COSC). At the first meeting to be held in Madrid, Spain at Comillas University, new learning outcomes for the Diploma in Liberal Studies will be developed, and other academic awards (certificate programs) will be considered. Committee responsibilities include oversight of the JC:HEM Academic Curriculum to ensure its awards, constituent programs and courses deliver the learning outcomes of the JC:HEM initiative. The cornerstones of Ignatian pedagogy, multicultural learning, global focus, and academic excellence will guide and support the work of the Committee. Mary McFarland, PhD International Director Jesuit Commons: Higher Education at the Margins and Professor, Gonzaga University Email: mary.mcfarland@jc-hem.org Skype: mary.r.mcfarland



Interested in Sustainability? Consider attending the inaugural scientific conference of Seattle University's Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability, August 7-9, 2014.
More info at: www.js2014.org

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